‘Hopefully shines Klaassen at Everton just like at Ajax’

5ab0077a363183109dab473808fe6f04 - 'Hopefully shines Klaassen at Everton just like at Ajax'

Davy Klaassen will experience at Everton, it is not yet the finest period of his career. The ex-midfielder of Ajax under Sam Allardyce not a fixed value and must occasionally hope on speelminuten, such as last weekend against Brighton & Hove Albion. Trainer Allardyce is hoping for better times for Klaassen

Davy Klaassen (l) together on the training of Everton with Wayne Rooney.

“He has some problems known since he is here, and also since I’m here” said Allardyce during the press conference in the run-up to the competitieduel with Stoke City next Saturday. Allardyce was at the end of last year as the final successor of Ronald Koeman at Everton as a coach appointed.

Allardyce remains in each case in conversation with Judy. “I have a few times spoken with him. He is not the only one who is in his first season, difficulties know. The first season is more difficult for players. Davy is in the selection, and get just like other players a chance. If he gets the chance, then I hope he shines as at Ajax.” The chance at playing time with the injury of a competitor Gykfi Sigurdsson.

Against Brighton & Hove Albion entered Classes in the 84th minute, the field as a substitute of Tom Davies. Everton won that match with 2-0, and occupied in the Premier League now the ninth place.

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