French judge wants the Saudi princess interview

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PARIS – A French judge has an international arrest warrant was issued for the daughter of the Saudi Arabian king Salman bin Abdulaziz. That, said an insider at the French media, with the research that leads to the violent behaviour of a bodyguard of princess Hassa bint Salman against a handyman in her Paris flat was at work.

Justice wants to be the sister of crown prince Muhammad interrogation in connection with armed violence, kidnapping, theft and death threat. A member of her security team should be in september 2016 have been guilty. Possible, princess Hassa command given the victim a lesson to learn.

The aanhoudingsverzoek for a member of the royal house of Saudi Arabia is a sensitive issue. Under the former president, François Hollande, France attempted its ties with the sunni states in the Middle East, his successor, Emmanuel Macron also attaches importance to better relations with the Saudi archrival Iran in connection with the negotiations on the nuclear program.

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