French-executioner killed

615b1d398f3b6bd3232d106e3b1a5696 - French-executioner killed

According to French sources is IS-fighter Maxime Hauchard died. He was at the end of 2014 identified as one of the executioners of terrorist organisation Islamic State, that in a propagandavideo an American hostage and 18 prisoners of war from the Syrian army beheaded.

When and in what circumstances Hauchard was killed, is still not clear. French media reported the news, and it is confirmed by a source close to the judicial investigation.

Against Hauchard France had an international arrest warrant walk, and in september 2015 he was on the American black list of foreign terreurstrijders.

In the propagandavideo of the end of 2014 to see how the 26-year-old American Peter Kassig was beheaded. In October 2013, this ngo worker kidnapped in Syria.

Hauchard is from a small Normandy village, where he was invisible growing up in a christian family. In 2009, he converted to islam, to then online to radicalizing. In August 2013 he went to Syria via Turkey. To his family he said that he was at the front, ‘wounded wanted to take care of’.

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