Fans: ’Breasts Lara Croft is not big enough’

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Fans of Tomb Raider have a clear picture of their Lara Croft and it certainly the large breasts, as they know from the video games and Angelina Jolie, that the film roll previously played.

Angelina Jolie (l.) and Alicia Vikander, the actress who played the role, of Lara Croft.

Filmmakers chose the Swedish Alicia Vikander, who recently won an Oscar for best supporting actor in The Danish Girl, for the character of Lara Croft. And where, for her, a dream come true – ” I used to love action movies and it was fantastic finally a strong woman to see’- it can just be a nightmare, if they took the many criticisms on her breast size to attract.

Before she was in any case prepared, she told Norton Graham all that she knew that her breasts are not as ’pointy’ as that of its predecessor for the role, Angelina Jolie. And that is for many people a reason to get on Twitter to express their displeasure to be expressed. “Lara Croft with smaller boobs? F*ck that.” Another is that he but ‘the bastard’, who says: “Her breasts are too small for me to see it as Lara Croft.” Someone literally says: “Her breasts are not big enough for this job.”

For each negative comment is, however, also a counter-reaction. “It is bizarre that I have to say this, but: if the new Tomb Raider movie is bad, then is that not because the breasts of the actress is not large enough.” A sarcast says the anger to understand. “I claim also of all my characters that they have big breasts: Thor, John Wick, Dirty Harry, Robocop. Wake up, Hollywood!”. Another fan tweette: “Men who whine to Lara Crofts breasts, prove two things: 1. They have no idea of the reboot of the Tomb Raider series, and 2. They have large breasts on the screen, because they apparently don’t have access to breasts in real life.”

Dominic West, one of the protagonists, explains: “The film focuses more on fighting and less on the breasts.”

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