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‘Expedition Robinson’ returns in version Four

Leave a squeezed lemon long enough and it won’t remount germs.

After The Mole, Temptation Island and Peking Express is now also Expedition Robinson ripe for a comeback. Four is looking for sixteen Flemish men and women for a afvallingsrace on a desert island. The transmitter chooses the ‘original version’, without the BV’s and also without Dutch.

When 2BE – the forerunner of Q2 in 2013 the power plug from Expedition Robinson pulled up, it was after thirteen seasons”. The netherlands, that all those years of co-producer was, went merrily along and even did the Flemish host Evi Hanssen on board.

Expedition Robinson started in 2000 to his Flemish campaign of conquest on VT4, the precursor of Four. Realityprogramma’s at that time were hot. Expedition Robinson scored well, but from the tenth season, well-known Flemish and Dutch on the islands were dropped, was that for Flanders the beginning of the end. For the thirteenth season got 2BE with a lot of effort eight ‘famous’ Flemish bijeengeschraapt, including ex-miss Zoë Van Gastel and stuntman Olivier Bisback.

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