Exodus of citizens from besieged Eastern Ghouta

474f3162b0a7dd7c1730e09926eb8bb8 - Exodus of citizens from besieged Eastern Ghouta

HAMMOURIYEH – The Syrian army has to own say an opening force from the place Hammouriyeh in the besieged area of Eastern Ghouta. Syrian media reported that a flow of citizens from the place flight.

The observers from the SOHR (Syrian Observatory for human Rights) reported that sure 3000 people the place to escape.

Citizens according to the Syrian authorities held as hostages and as human shield against the advance of government forces. Eastern Ghouta, east of the capital, Damascus, since 2013 under siege.

It is in the hands of several combat groups, especially jihadists, such as those of Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam). That left a few years ago, hostage citizens in cages around or drop them on places where they attack expected.

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