Excelsior wants to ‘write history’

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Robin Jongmans – Excelsior Rotterdam and ADO Den Haag fight Friday night at the crowning of a droomseizoen should be.

Mitchell van der Gaag

Place eight, that gives right to the play-offs for European football, is now in the hands of the Hague. They can tonight a frontal attack of the Kralingers expect.

With ADO they know that they are the beat team in the crucial final stages of the season. Now Excelsior with 35 points (one point behind ADO) permanently secure, dare Mitchell van der Gaag and his team finally got to speak out loud about the next goal. The pick of the playoffs.


“Seven duels for the end safely, that deserves a compliment,’ says Van der Gaag. “But you can write history with this club and that awareness must be there really. Here we need to the pressure is not so high that we this per se, but if we are anything and everything, can muster, then we know that we can always win.’

After a whole season, cry to enforcement, to taste Van der Gaag nothing of satiety. Understand the hunger to make with the little Excelsior for the ultimate. “It’s nice that we have somewhere to play and these steps should continue to make. An anticlimax of the season we would not earn. If you, like ADO, after 27 games around this place, then that’s justified.’

Fons Groenendijk

Where Excelsior Mike van Duinen and Stanley Elbers in the attack misses, there is the whole defence of ADO turned upside down. Danny Baker and Nick Kuipers forms the centre, Tyronne Ebuehi is today tested. ,,Just now it starts to go to whether or not to participate in the playoffs, but we’re not in the war’, says Fons Groenendijk.

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The young Shaquille Pinas (19), that to the promises was reset because he was too high contract requirements, and would not draw, is not playing. “He had played. I condemn no one, but for a future ADO, he himself the door back open,’ says Groenendijk. Up to now, there is no initiative from the camp Pinas.

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