Eddie Murphy: ’My daughter doesn’t interest me’

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Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy has no need for his 10-year-old daughter Angel to see. That appeared Wednesday in court in Los Angeles.

Eddie Murphy while he has his morning coffee extracts and leaves in his Mercedes. With his 10-year-old daughter, he wants nothing to do.

The ten-year-old Angel is the daughter of Eddie Murphy and Mel B., conceived during a brief relationship between the two in 2013. Murphy denied even that he was her father, but a later DNA test proved that he is indeed the biological father was. However, he also wants to now nothing of Angel know.

That is evident during a lawsuit between Mel B. and her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, describes the Daily Mail. Belafonte is correct, however, interested in the girl; he fights for the right to be the stepfather of ’his’ daughter to visit, and insists that he her all those ten years during his marriage to Mel B. has brought up. “She has me, his daddy called from the moment they began to talk.”

Mel B. is doing now to his efforts to thwart and refuses obstinately to Stephen Angel to meet. Therefore, tried his lawyer, Grace Jamra, with Eddie Murphy. But he refused to cooperate. His lawyer told the hearing that Murphy has no contact with the girl had simply ’not interested’.

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