Discovery in the character of Stephen Hawking

Discovery brings this Saturday, an ode to Stephen Hawking, the legendary British cosmologist and physicist, who last Wednesday at the age of 76 died.

Discovery in the character of Stephen Hawking

The transmitter sends from 16.20 to 22.00 various episodes of the programs Stephen Hawking’s Universe and Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design.

The episodes of Stephen Hawking’s Universe about his vision on a number of pressing questions about our cosmos. How are the universe and the earth, when our planet will die out and exist outside the earth, other living beings?

In Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design examines Hawking three other controversial issues such as: Does God the universe created? What is the meaning of life? and What is the key to the cosmos? Through beautiful footage and spectacular computer animations are the answers of Hawking in the picture.

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