‘Curious or Slutsky something else then introduces reactievoetbal’

b3070b0bcb03ab1931dbeb99a0bd849f - 'Curious or Slutsky something else then introduces reactievoetbal'

With a witty appearance in a satirical Russian tv program took Leonid Slutsky last month without hesitation his failed adventure at Hull City on the heel. The new Vitesse coach can then at first glance a bit surly happen, but praised for his sense of humor, open mind and adventurous character.

Leonid Slutsky (l) on the stands at a Chelsea youth game with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich (r), which in many ways supports his ambition to be a trainerscarrière in Western Europe to build.

TELESPORT spoke with three Russian (ex-)football players, who in the Netherlands have been active on the 46-year-old coach from Volgograd. Also Henk van Stee, which in Russia has worked, comes to the word.

Of Stee, the current technical manager of Sparta, worked for seven years at Zenit St Petersburg and know both the Russian and the Dutch football well. He is curious to know how easy Slutsky the translation to Dutch football. In terms of view, the transition large, he thinks.

“The Russian football is defensive set up, and that is also true for the CSKA Moscow, which was headed by Slutsky. Enterprising football with creative midfielders, such as that in Western Europe the game is played, you can see there is not. I’m curious to see if Slutsky able to do something different to introduce than the old Russian reactievoetbal. His biggest pitfall will be that if he is conservative is going to play football and not immediately great results, the audience that is not going to accept it.”

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