’Clarification about the dead puppy in luggage compartment United Airlines’

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NEW YORK – A U.s. senator has United Airlines for clarification asked after the death of a puppy. The dog died in a plane after a flight attendant had ordered the carrying case with the French bulldog in the bagagevak above the chairs to stop.

Not the puppy from the story.

The dog died during a flight from Houston to New York. The eleven-year-old owner said the flight attendant to have warned. ,,We said something like: “it is a dog, it is dog’. And they said: that does not matter. You should still store it,” said Sophia Ceballos at ABC News. Another passenger spoke against and said that the employee didn’t seem to realize that an animal is in the bag.

The family claims that the puppy about two hours barked. Then the animal was silent. The turbulence had the girl and her mother. The airline said in a statement about a misunderstanding. The flight attendant would not have known that a dog in the bag.

Senator John f. Kennedy has United director Scott Kirby in a letter to information and explanations requested. The politician points out that, according to official figures, at United more animals have died than for other American companies. The ministry of Transport said an investigation was started into the circumstances in which the dog died.

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