Büttner gets compliment for its ’narrow head’

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After more than two months, Alexander Büttner his place back in the A-selection of Vitesse. The 29-year-old full was trainer Henk Fraser at the start of the preparation for the second half of the season restored to Jong Vitesse, because he has a too high fat percentage.

Alexander Buttner

“I have worked very hard to come back into the selection and that is now successful. I look forward and hope soon again to be important for the team. You bet that I burned myself and what to show”, says Büttner, who by his teammates was complimented with its ’narrow head’.

Fraser grabbed the start of this year vigorously, after Büttner but not progressed in terms of percentage of body fat, but find that the ex-player of, among others, Manchester United and Dinamo Moscow improvement has shown. “After the conversations we with Alexander have conducted, we find that he deserves a second chance. He is pretty fit. And as I’ve always said, a fit Büttner, are very important for the team.”

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