Britt Dekker: ’I weighed just 46 pounds’

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Britt Dekker in an interview candidly told about the eating disorder where they last year to suffering. So confession them that they are at a given moment only 46 pounds weighed.

To Flair tells Britt that she lived from a carrot, a juice and a banana per day. “You could be my ribs to count, but I myself had not really by how thin I was – I only thought: yes, now I am a once beautiful on Instagram.”

She blames her eating disorder on the models of lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. “About two years ago, Instagram gets bigger and bigger and I saw every day all those fashion bloggers and Victoria’s Secret models passing by, but then I post something and it seemed not even on their selfies.”

Thanks to her friend Max knew Britt again. “He said: ‘If you continue not eating, then you have a problem, because you can make a program for young kids. Parents don’t want their kids watching a show with an eating disorder’.”

The interview with the realityster has a lot of brought about, but in the meantime, it will be much better, so let them Thursday out on Twitter: “Hello everyone, I get disturbing messages from relatives but this interview is in oct. decreased have a good middle ground found. During the day root and fruit, and in the evening a fries with mayo. It will always be a pussy keep that thick of white bread but das life…”

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