British opposition leader wants dialogue with Moscow

556787e17a1a697f5f37831c5ad32499 - British opposition leader wants dialogue with Moscow

LONDON – British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has doubts about proof of the government against the Kremlin about the assassination in the South-English of Salisbury. Corbyn wants to have a hard conversation with Moscow about “the horrible crime of violence.”

But he stressed it is premature to Moscow to blame on the basis of what intelligence agencies claim. The attack on Iraq in 2003 was, at the time, and also because services suggested that there is a demonstrable weapons of mass destruction layers. That turned out to be nonsense, says Corbyn.

“There is a history of problems due to the wrong interpretation of what evidence is adduced.” With this in mind, you will find Corbyn, the attitude of the government of prime minister May in front of Russia “problematic.”

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