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Barbie wants back on television

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Samantha de Jong, known as Barbie, wants to be a go-around on television. The Hague realityster did in January, a suicide attempt, but now seeks yet again to get started with a tv program.

Her manager, Jake Hampel, reports the Algemeen Dagblad that he will not, at first, was about to jump when Samantha this desire expressed. “I have this against Samantha said that they, before they go to work for a tv program, first one hundred percent better,” says manager Jake. “Before I with her request to work, I would first of the practitioner and specialists to hear or a return to the pipe, whether or not justified.”

Michael van der Plas

At first, barbie’s manager that her two children, daughter Angelina (5) and son Milan (2) are paramount. They now live with their father Michael van der Plas in Spain. Michael is the ex of Samantha, the Young, they were together for many years to see in their own reality tv series. Michael is now together with his girlfriend, Naomi, while Barbie recently returned to her ex Rolf Tangel.

Suicide attempt

The blonde is receiving help for her mental problems. In January, Samantha, a suicide attempt where she overdosed drugs, and with a knife in her wrist cut. She thought that her children would be better off without her and that she them by ever, to do Oh Oh Cherso in the misery it had brought. In november, let the AD know that the creators of the reality tv series abused felt.

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