Barbie denies relationship with Rolf Tangel

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Seemed to be the Wednesday or Barbie again with her old love Rolf had returned, Barbie denies this himself later on the evening News.

Barbie, Samantha de Jong

In a appje let Samantha de Jong, better known as Barbie, to know that she and Rolf Tangel ’only friends’ and not a relationship. “As friends we are better able to deal with each other”, she added.

Rumors emerged Wednesday on the basis of stories in different media and a photo on the Facebook page of Rolf in which the two cut were seen. Nothing wrong, they say in retrospect about that kiss: just ’the Hague silliness’.

Inquire by Private Wednesday afternoon at Barbies temporary spokesman Jake Hampel yielded contradictory enough to be an explicit confirmation: “It is true that they are a couple.” According to him, hoped to make Samantha happy again to be with him and a stable life. But at the same time he said also: “To Samantha, you can expect anything.”

And that is in any event more than where.

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