Baby Donald Trump brings no luck

093425e38718c29e66ee85ec3f934c72 - Baby Donald Trump brings no luck

The baby had blond hair when he was born on september 3, 2016. His father, a great admirer of Donald Trump, called him that to his idol. In the hope that the name him happiness and fortune would bring.

Until now there is unfortunately nothing to notice. Father Sayed and mother Jamila Assadullah are poor Afghans. Sayed had the luck that he nevertheless was able to study. So he read all the books of Trump. But that he and his son to a ‘non-believer’ had been mentioned, fell bad for his family. So bad that Sayed and his family had to move to the capital Kabul, he told The New York Times.

Worse was when a copy of the identity card of Donald Trump Assadullah began to circulate on the internet. Due to the bevolkingsdienst, says Sayed. Itself he laughed. A public service threatened him even for interrogation to the intelligence services to send.

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