American Idol-singer: I am not abused by Katy Perry

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The American Idol candidate that Sunday in the program, unasked, was kissed by Katy Perry, do not feel sexually abused by the singer. That emphasizes Benjamin Glaze on Instagram.

After the broadcast of the kiss, Sunday night gave Benjamin a number of interviews. Across The street from The New York Times declared the singer that he has what uncomfortable felt by the kiss of Katy. The singer kissed him, after he had declared that he had never kissed. “I still have no relationship. And I can not get a girl to kiss if I don’t have relationship with her”, says the 20-year-old.

On the kiss and the statements of Benjamin followed a lot of criticism on Katy. Her behavior would be inappropriate in these times of MeToo and Time’s Up, and have never been accepted if she was a man.

Benjamin responded on Wednesday at the commotion. “I would like some things to make it clear to everyone who is worried or angry. I complain not at all about the kiss of Katy Perry, but my interviews have big questions called. The way in which some of the articles the thing into words, my intentions aren’t so good. I don’t think that I was being sexually abused by Katy Perry and am grateful for the comments of the judges.”

The young singer says that he is the word uncomfortable used “because I have never kissed was, and did not see it coming.” He finds it annoying that the incident to stir. “My goal is to reach people with the universal love for music, not for arguments or anger against anyone to cause.”

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