Also goudjakhals and lynx on the way to Flanders

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Flanders is already in the ban of wolf Naya, and now there are other predators on their way to Flanders. ‘The goudjakhals and lynx are all longer their habitat to expand and we expect that Flanders will come, ” says Diemer Vercayie, zoogdierenexpert with Natuurpunt.

It is not surprising that the wolf and the lynx again, their rise in our country. These species were already in our nature, but were then cut off. That is different for the goudjakhals. He is his natural habitat, particularly in a mediterranean climate, to expand. ‘The reason for this is unclear, ” says Vercayie. “But there are already goudhakhalzen spotted in Germany, France and the Netherlands. We expect that Flanders will come, but when that will happen is difficult to predict. That could be tomorrow, or in a few years only.’

Also with the population of the lynx is gradually better put. “But that is a story of ups and downs. There is a herintroductieproject been for the lynx in the Area, but that’s a damp squib past by poaching. Maybe it was the zeitgeist was not ready for, ” says Vercayie. Now extends the lynx are area further from France, but that is slower than the wolf. “There are lynxes have been spotted in the Vosges, which is not so far from Belgium. We may use them in the future so also in Belgium expect, ” says Vercayie.

Should we be afraid of these predators?

Vercayie is clear: no. ‘These animals are not a danger to humans, they are more afraid of us than we of them.” Still recommend Vercayie to no contact. “Keep away, walk not to go, and try not to be in feeding, because then they lose their terror for the man.”

The predators dare or chickens or sheep to eat. “A lynx is choosier and will focus on deer food, but a wolf or a goudjakhals prefer a wide range. What is the easiest to find, they will eat it.’

Natuurpunt recommends people to their chickens or sheep as well as to protect against wild predators. ‘With the right measures, it is perfectly possible to live without conflict, to live together with wild animals, ” says Vercayie.

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