Allardyce: ‘Hope Klaassen new opportunity shines like Ajax

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Everton manager Sam Allardyce has high hopes that Davy Klaassen in Liverpool the shape will find that he, in his time as captain of Ajax.

Klaassen (25) was last weekend in the win thuisduel with Brighton & Hove Albion for the first time since september speelminuten and perhaps gives Allardyce the midfielder this coming weekend again a chance.

“He has it hard since he is here. Now, he has briefly had the chance and if he has a new chance, shines he, hopefully, as he is at Ajax did,” said Allardyce on Thursday on his perspraatje.

The 63-year-old Englishman has understanding for the difficult situation of Klaassen for Everton. “I have a few times spoken with him. He is not the only problems in his first season in the Premier League,” said the manager.

“Every new player and coach feels pressure. There are from the beginning of high expectations and people want that you immediately performs from the moment you’re in a new league and culture.”

Fifteen duels

Klaassen came since his summer transfer from Ajax to Everton to just fifteen official duels, in which he mostly as a substitute was used. Everton is Saturday’s Premier League visit to Stoke City, and Allardyce gives the hexadecimal Orange-international, so perhaps a new opportunity.

“If such players their first year behind the back and the disappointment feel about the lack of playing time, they have a chance to show what they are worth, and why they are attracted to it”, the coach is hopeful.

Because of his lack of wedstrijdritme was Said last week by new coach Ronald Koeman, who him last summer as manager of Everton to Goodison Park took, not included in the 33-man pre-selection of the Dutch national team.

The match between Stoke City and Everton at the Britannia Stadium starts on Saturday at 16.00 hours. Stoke fights as number voorlaatst against relegation, while Everton’s number nine of the Premier League.

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