‘A number 10 we don’t see much in the Netherlands’

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Max Huiberts wants the new contract for Guus Lift until the summer of 2023 ’confirm nor deny’, but is enthusiastic about the midfielder. “He is a number ten that we in the Netherlands no longer see much: with depth, content, and the ability to score goals,” says the technical director.

Max Huiberts

“Guus is a great personality and you need him not to say whether he is right or wrong, has done. He is stable, knows what he can do, but also what should be improved. And he works just like our other talents, hard every day.”

Huiberts will find that the training of AZ more and more fruit. “We see that our talent the last two, three years of such a level, that they are easily in the top of the Netherlands standing”, says the technical director.

“In the past, there came now and then a player from the youth team to the first, but not in the quantities of now. At eighteen – or nineteen-year-old age, they are ready to AZ 1 to play and that comes by the way of training. You see, the methodology is the result.”

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