A convoy of Red Cross attracts Eastern Ghouta within

5062368842782a90f12f03771f7d4967 - A convoy of Red Cross attracts Eastern Ghouta within

BEIRUT – A convoy with relief supplies on Thursday to the northern part of the jihadistenbolwerk Eastern Ghouta entered. The International Red Cross reports that the convoy consists of 25 trucks. That together deliver 340 tonnes of food.

In relief work the Red Cross and the Red crescent together with the United Nations. The senior UN advisor, Jan Egeland, had Wednesday been reported that the Syrian authorities were in agreement with the sending of a convoy.

Since the beginning of an offensive in mid-February by the Syrian army are already more than 1,100 civilians have come. According to some estimates are up to 400,000 civilians trapped in Eastern Ghouta that as a result of the legeroffensief now from the three encircled areas. In the northernmost area, the former suburb of Damascus, Duma, are most citizens.

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