Willem Voogd still recognized as Mees Kees

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Willem Guardian is still recognized as his character Mees Kees. That told the actor Wednesday in an interview on NPO Radio 1. It is now four years since the 29-year-old Guardian for the last time as the popular teacher in the cinemas. He played the role in three movies.

Willem Voogd

“It’s bizarre,” admits Guardian. “But it seems that kids that a movie like this literally a hundred times to be able to look. Therefore, faces of actors in their memory. Or I now have a beard have, or my hair blondeer, that it doesn’t matter; I word each day be recognized.”

Often find the actor very nice. “Though it is a bit harder to cope with when I am tired or have a hangover have”, admits Guardian. “But it is actually always very sweet and so positive. They of course feel great and bold what you have created. That is very good to hear.”

As children, however, questions whether ’Mees Kees’ also in their school lessons to give, Guardian, nevertheless, confess that he is an actor. “Then I must explain that I have no real master am, and that I also have other things to do. Sometimes get them, sometimes not; they often believe unconditionally in that world on tv. That would be adults sometimes do with some more. Quite a shame that we still lost.”

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