Voluptuous ladies Against The Stars On

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Against the Stars On Thursday, march 15, follows Luk Alloo (Guga Baúl) the only real Kürt Rogiers. Although the actor is an exciting life decision Alloo costs, time and effort to spare in one pull all its formats. So Kürt Rogiers suddenly at Alloo in the Night, and does he then mean you can get in touch with Alloo at The Police, Alloo in Prison and even Alloo in the Foreign Prison. A genial drunk Kürt Rogiers in combination with Guga as Luk Alloo, provides comedic television.

After every episode of Temptation Island invites Goedele Liekens (Nathalie Meskens) one of the participants for an in-depth and engaging discussion. She has Kevin (Jonas Van Thielen), to guest that his relationship with Megan examines his chance dares, ‘temptress’ Goedele Liekens. Nathalie Meskens has Goedeles facial expressions mastered and interviews as a great way player Kevin.

The Blind Married couple Wendy (Ella Leyers) and Damiano (Guga Baúl) follows from the balcony the entire episode. Meanwhile, try Wendy’s still have some affection to get loose of Damiano. He falls slowly for the dear Wendy?

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