Universe of Fae Licia on Dutch radio to hear

a54006b22dfe23dc061f71eb605ea7ed - Universe of Fae Licia on Dutch radio to hear

Fae Licia was started by Sarah White and Igor De Meyer. It quickly became a first song called ‘Universe’. The production of ‘Universe’ was taken in hand by Jonas Verlaet, Sarah White and Igor de Meyer. The text was written by Sarah White, Yannick Reynders and Finlay Van Wymeersch. The outstanding votes are thanks to Finlay Van Wymeersch and Blue The Greve. Finlay and Blue together form the face of Fae Licia.

The girls pulled their naughty shoes on and went in the direction of the Netherlands, to Rob Stenders of NPO Radio 2. Who immediately fell for the song and took it last Friday in his infamous Friday 13 list. NPO Radio 2 is currently the fastest riser in terms of market share in the current Dutch station from scratch, so that’s a windfall. The girls hope that this opens the door to the Netherlands already ajar.

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