UN Security council met about Skripal

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LONDON – UPDATE – The Security council of the United Nations comes Wednesday at the request of London met to discuss the murder last Sunday in the South-English of Salisbury. It is a chemical weapon used.

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Theresa May called on the Security council together.

In the Soviet Union developed chemical substance called novitsjok. London is the council, which this month is chaired by the Netherlands, on the research to inform, reported the ministry of Foreign Affairs in the British capital. In the attack were a former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in a coma.

The British prime minister, Theresa May, had demanded that Russia for Wednesday would explain how the stuff in England. The Kremlin denies something to do with the assassination attempt to do and has no explanation. Russia has offered in the investigation to help, but the British would remain in control.

Tusk solidarity

May is expected to submit Wednesday afternoon a statement in parliament on the issue. According to the news channel SkyNews going to London quite a few Russian diplomats tell.

The zenuwgasaanval is to be discussed at a summit next week of European leaders in Brussels, left, EU president Donald Tusk know. ,,I declare full solidarity with prime minister Theresa May in the light of the brutal attack, which is very probably from the angle of Moscow’, he said in Helsinki. Tusk said to wait for what punishment in London, before EU action is decided.

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