Tyra Banks hopes that son no model is

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Former supermodel Tyra Banks is hoping that her son York, not in its footsteps. The modeling world is, according to the creator of America’s Next Top Model is not ideal for men.

However, it will Tyra her son, who is now two years old, does not prohibit the model to be. “I wouldn’t like it if he would choose, but I’m not saying that he should not do, as she explains to Us Weekly. “I support him in what he wants to do, but I hope that’s not modeling.”

Although Tyra in America s Next Top Model male candidates gave a chance, she is not so positive about the role of men in her world. “Male models don’t get that often the career that female colleagues do have. Female models often make the joke: “They are our accessories. I have earrings in, shoes on and a male model at my side.’ That is the trend.”

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