Theatre wants IS-terrorists on stage

4b6e627c7027e44fd6a6742c666b01d0 - Theatre wants IS-terrorists on stage

Ghent – A theatre looking through a newspaper advertisement returning IS-terrorists and offers them a job as an actor.

For the theatervoorsteling ’Lamb of God’ wants to be artistic director Milo Rau returned Syria-goers. He finds his production ’a modern version of the crusaders’.

Rau wants the famous painting Lamb of God by the van Eyck brothers is transformed into a theatre piece about the Ghent society of today.

Production manager Annabel Heyse in The Newspaper: “In our modern, superdiverse society, the concept of a crusader, of course, be extended. NTGent is therefore looking at ’convinced believers’. And that summarizes them very wide. “You fight for your beliefs? You have fought for?”, as stated in the ad.

NTGent doodling a little bit back after the commotion. “I am not saying that we are active fighters to recruit,” says Tom De Clercq, woordvoerdervan NTGent. “But if such a story in the show fits, we conclude that certainly not.”

The opposition in Ghent is furious about the plan. “Recurring Syriëstrijders don’t belong on the stage but in the prison”, says N-VA leader Anneleen Van Bossuyt on Twitter.

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