The sea is wild, the captain weakened

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Angela Merkel has today for the fourth time, the oath as chancellor of Germany made. This reign will be the hardest of her career. Six reasons why they will often ask, ” where am I to begin?’.

Olaf Scholz, the new minister of Finance said a few days ago: this fourth grand coalition is not as a liefdeshuwelijk started. The new German government composed of the christian democratic …

Olaf Scholz, the new minister of Finance said a few days ago: this fourth grand coalition is not as a liefdeshuwelijk started. The new German government composed of the christian democratic CDU and its organized, Bavarian zusterpartij CSU and the social democratic SPD, is from necessity. Merkel has 171 days to search for partners and arrangements that are a good basis for a government could form. The SPD, the only party which in the end was an option, has to be careful with her company. The idea that the country needs a government, plus the promise that the social-democrats on the policy could roads, the many skeptics in the party over the line drawn. Nevertheless, there remains a large group (only 66 percent of the members have for participating in government voted) who are very critical of this government will look at. There is Angela Merkel a tough job to keep her coalition together, to keep. They have these six balls in the air.

1. Let everyone score

Let’s be honest: the new German government is composed of losers. The three coalition partners in the elections of 24 september serious blows. They should be in the coming term to demonstrate that they have the ‘signal from the voters and have understood, that for the first time, with many for the populist, antimigratiepartij Alternative für Deutschland and the liberals have voted. The SPD wants the next four years, especially on the left side to score while the CSU site on the right wants to recapture. Merkel, who at the population a lot of credit has lost because they are in 2015 the German borders openzette for the many refugees, should AfD the wind out of the sails.

In such circumstances, a prime minister two options: either watches they see to it that her coalition partners can be scored on the themes that are important to them either keep the partners together in a stranglehold and will this coalition be a government of inertia. It will be of But’ individual depend on or this government at the end of the process, a positive balance can be presented.

2. A mature parliament the head offer

With the advent of AfD in the German parliament, is the tone of the debate hardened. But also the Greens and the liberals are not going to be for the next four years to remain unnoticed. They are going to serious opposition. The liberals will Merkel reproaches that she does very little to the German competitiveness to protect the Greens will find that they are too little efforts to combat climate change. And AfD will be the presence of the refugees as a problem and continue to imagine. Merkel can’t afford to ignore their complaints because they are thus always in the meat of one of its coalition partners have cuts.

3. Europe on line get

The French president Emmanuel Macron breathed a sigh of relief when it became clear that Angela Merkel and her bondskanselierschap could continue. He has ambitious plans with the European Union and for this he has Germany. Some analysts believe that the international reputation of Merkel is affected by the way in which the arrival of the refugees has addressed. Many EU-countries watched from the sidelines or refused to assume their responsibilities. The authoritative role of Germany in the previous legislature in the EU still seemed to have, is reduced.

Now she is going to a tandem form with Macron to integration of countries with the euro coin, to strengthen it. But those plans are not in all euro area countries well received. The netherlands is attempting an alliance with seven other countries to forge to prevent Brussels more power will get and that there is a transferunie occurs where they the expense of the weaker countries will have to pay. There will be heavy negotiations to come to a middle ground to be found. Since this is a financial issue and Germany is still the largest economy in Europe, continues to Merkel probably set the tone. She can now also count on a loyal partner who was also in the cart draws: Macron shows a lot more determination than his predecessor, François Hollande.

4. Putin edit

In the beginning was Angela Merkel a relatively good relationship with Russia. She was always seen as the politician who is most in touch with the Russian president. Since 2014 is the relationship between the EU and Russia at a low point and many diplomats believe that it is time for the tyres to get back. Possible of her expected the lead will take in possible talks with Russia. She speaks at the end of the Russian.

5. Trump the head offer

It seems that the American president Donald Trump, his arrows especially on Germany has focused with its announced import duties on steel, aluminium and cars. Germany had in 2017 a trade surplus of over 60 billion dollars and is particularly vulnerable to the imports that are coming. It is expected that Merkel will do to an agreement with Trump to reach in order to prevent that the German economy collapse will come to the American protectionist policies.

6. Itself survive

Within four years Angela Merkel for 67 years. Everyone assumes that this is her last term of office (some people think that they are halfway through it will stop). In the wings of the party to run several candidates are hot for her to follow. Itself has Merkel and her favorite candidate Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer addressed to the secretary-general of the party, but there are also other ambitious party members. Jens Spahn, for example, was a fierce opponent of But Willkommenskultur. He is now minister of Health but he’s not going the mouth to let the wires, he said a few weeks ago to some German newspapers. If its possible successors are too many and too pronounced profiling, Merkel still a challenge to get to the coalition and her own job four years to maintain.

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