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The actor in Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking was not afraid to occasionally act. So passed the man under the revue in Star Trek and The Simpsons. Relive it here.

The motto was ever, that you have made if you have a guest appearance get in The Simpsons. For Stephen Hawking was that in 1999, in the episode “They Saved Lisa’s Brain’. Therein he goes (although played by a different voice actor), among others, to the bar with Homer Simpson, whose theory of a “doughnut-shaped universe’ Hawking ‘interesting’.

Six years earlier, in 1993, was Hawking with serious people around the (poker)table. In Star Trek: The Next Generation wipes he, inter alia, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton on the mantle.

Younger media users will be Hawking might have seen passing in The Big Bang Theory. Superfan Sheldon was certainly blissfully happy that he is his idol, could meet.

At Little Britain drew heavily on Hawking in 2015 mops for good purpose.

Hawking was sometimes only as a voice to bid. Repeatedly in The Big Bang Theory, but also, for example, in Futurama , and in a song of Pink Floyd.

The scientist was finally sometimes also by others with ease. In A Theory of Everything was that by Eddy Redmayne, who an Oscar for best actor in the awards.

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