Streppel: “Couldn’t be further in Heerenveen’

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SC Heerenveen and Jurgen Streppel have come to the conclusion that they each other not be able to help. The coach serves to the end of the season and his contract out and leave.

Jurgen Streppel

During the talks between the two parties depended too much doubt in the air, causing a fracture, the only option was to. “You have the conviction, together somewhere to go”, says Streppel. “If that feeling is not there, or there before things have to change, then there is nothing wrong with that. But then, you have come to the conclusion that it cannot go any further.”

The coach could make the decision feel to arrive after months of uncertainty. After the winter break he had week after week answering questions about his future. From the clubleiding remained quiet. That this was never his trainer stood up, suggested that doubts had been created after calendar year 2017, which was accounted for as a degradatiekandidaat. The excellent game and the performance of the first half of the year under Streppel were not matched. In the winterbreak last season Heerenveen is the only club connected with the top three.

Other staff

Because the contracts of assistant Michel Vonk (he was at the beginning of this season linked to Streppel) and goalkeeping coach Raymond Fishermen (he previously worked five years under Streppel at Willem II) expire, the staff of the Marbles there, next season may be very different.

In the meantime, Streppel, that Tuesday morning the cast of actors inform, place themselves for the play-offs for European football. “The reactions of players and staff were nice and respectful, that does me good. I immediately said that I but one thing will and that is to radiate and ensure that we make the play-offs.” Technical manager Gerry Hamstra extended his contract in Friesland until mid-2020.

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