Stephen Hawking gave ever party for time-travelers

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LONDON – Stephen Hawking was not only a brilliant man, but also someone with a typical sense of British humour. In 2009, he organised a party for time travelers. And the invitations? That sent he afterwards.

This did the astrophysicist is not without reason. He wanted to test whether time travel was actually possible. “I’m going to organize a party for time travelers. I bring no one to the height and the invitations I send afterwards. Will there be people showing up, then that would be a clue that time travel is possible.”

Hawking was, in any case, don’t skimp on the party. In the documentary Into The Universe is to see how the waiters bottles of expensive champagne brand Krug leeggieten in dozens of glasses. The tables are covered with refreshments, and the beautiful hall of the university of Cambridge is decorated with balloons, including a banner: ’welcome time travellers’.


The invitations – that only in retrospect were sent were specific to time travelers focused. “You are cordially invited to a reception for time traveler. An RSVP (request for invitation to respond) is not necessary,” he concluded with a joke. The exact coordinates of Cambridge plus the date, he added.

But no one came to his party to show up, despite the fact that Hawking is a long had waited. “I have all the time been seated, but there was nobody showed up.” The professor was not bothered at all, in fact, it was, perhaps, but better. “We travel all forward in time. We can the time is already speeding by in a very fast spaceship to crawl, then, if we return to the earth times there will be anyone old or dead to find,” he said to Ars Technica.


He spoke at the time, the theory of relativity of Einstein also. “This theory seems to suggest that we space-time hard enough can bend to go back in time to travel. However, there is one problem, the released radiation from these cosmic events would the spaceship is able to destroy, possibly even goes the space-time coming.”

He closed against the Daily Mail with perhaps a bitter disappointment for many. Time travel is impossible and will never exist. “The evidence that intelligent beings have a short existence ahead of, is that we haven’t been visited by aliens.” Sometimes there’s UO notifications are, as he believed not in. “Why see only the mentally ill and weirdo’s they?”

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