So hijacked Sharon Stone to the role for a 25-year-old

f817959cf373a78f02d87e52ff6cf16c - So hijacked Sharon Stone to the role for a 25-year-old

When Sharon Stone for the first time the script received for the romantic comedy All I Wish, she was asked to be the mother of the 25-year-old main character to play.

Sharon Stone (60) is not on the side!

But Sharon Stone had a different idea, writes Vanity Fair. They had the script taken a month long, and called when filmmaker Susan Walter with a proposal. “I said that it might interesssanter would be if I the daughter would play,” said Stone to the blade.

The actress, just 60 become, let us know that they the original idea is not so exciting was: “one of 25 that her life is not yet on the rails, yeah’. According to her, would the stakes be higher if the story revolved around older characters. “The story gets more weight as the main character – whose mother is ill is – parent is, because it also happens in real life. That is where we need to read, ponder and join in the pure have to come. For my feeling is, in this reality, so much more comedy.”


The filmmaker was in agreement with the idea. And so was Stone to the lighthearted main character, a kledingstylist with a gleufhoedje, who is struggling with her existence. Stone stopped her and then still have the character and the plot to adapt it to the age of Stone. The last wanted just a lively 50. And that is not so far from her actual life, where she has recently been nursing on the beach was spotted with alleged love Angelo Boffa.

Sharon Stone with her younger friend Angelo Baffo

“Show them, but that also fifties, these feelings, that they are vibrant and sexy, that they fall in love.” And so is Stone as Senna wakes up after a one night stand and she is just all beachballend in bikini on the white canvas. “This is what we, as normal people do. We do not need to behave like a princess on a couch.” In return, helped Sharon Stone her for this first film have the finances to recruit.

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