Slovak premier gets on after murder of journalist

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Slovak prime minister Robert Fico on Wednesday his resignation was announced.

Yesterday got the Slovakian minister of the Interior and deputy prime minister Robert Kalinak. A party of the ruling coalition, the entire opposition and thousands of protesters had his resignation demanded after the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend.

It was believed that by his resignation the government of Robert Fico, the crisis could maybe survive. Today, a day later, the prime minister, nevertheless the decision to resign.

Previously stepped, the Slovak minister of Culture. “I can’t have that during my offered a ministerial appointment a journalist is killed,” says Marek Madaric at the beginning of march.


The 27-year-old Jan Kuciak was together with his girlfriend, Martina Kusnirova found dead in their new home. They were both finished with a shot in the head: the work of professionals.

The case is politically explosive. Kuciak did research on the Calabrian mafia ‘ndrangheta and ended up in the office of prime minister Robert Fico. The journalist had discovered that the Vadala-clan – prominent members of the ‘ndrangheta – was active in Eastern Slovakia. The clan tried through fraudulent projects, money from the European cohesion funds, which serve to bridge the gap with the richer Western Europe to be sealed. The Vadala’s worked with a model that without any political experience had ended up on the government of Fico.

Immediately after the murder and conducted the premier already had a few highly enjoyable show. He promised a reward of 1 million euros, for whom the golden tip could give that led to the perpetrator(s). He posed next to a table on which that display was, it was mainly seen as a form of ‘political marketing’.

Fico ran in the past is not high on critical journalists. Last year, he called them ‘dirty anti-Slovakian whores’. Like his Hungarian and Polish colleagues reinforced his grip on the public broadcaster. The only research programme was disposed of.

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