SEE: “for the moment, then Johnny the Mole father!

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Often posted Anouk van Schie, the girlfriend of Johnny de Mol a picture of her babybuik on Instragram, but this may just even be the last. “Another moment, and we are complete,” she writes.

Johnny de Mol with partner Anouk van Schie

The babybuik this time on the picture taken by a professional photographer and that will except a much-acclaimed beautiful babybelly also a colorful picture. And Anouk lets us know not only are pleased with the photos but also a ’super fun day’ to have had.

In October was the news that Johnny the Mol and Anouk have a baby, expect more, but when was not reported. From the post is that now is really not long more it will take! Good thing too, because in January left the father-to-be on the radio already know that he is there looking forward.

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