TV invests million euros in Brussels turned movies and tv series

cce14ab77c1f23b3a6e239b09f739ecd - invests million euros in Brussels turned movies and tv series, the support fund of the Brussels Region for audiovisual productions, has ten productions selected a total of one million euros will be received. That report fri night. It comes to four feature films, two international tv series and four documentaries.

The documentaries about Brussels, at least a portion of the capital rotated, or are (co) created by Brussels-based artists or companies. The purpose is to the Brussels-capital Region “at the international audiovisual map”, it sounds in the press release.
The four selected films are “Five is the perfect number’ of the Italian artist Igort, ‘La frontière’ of the Brussels-based director Frédéric Fonteyne, ‘Ma mère est folle” of the director Diane Kurys and ” Where is Anne Frank?’, the youngest animation film by Ari Folman, also known as ‘Waltz with Bachir’. Also can BBC-series “Les misérables”, for which 28 days in Brussels will be filmed, and the second season of politieserie ‘Zone blanche’ count on the support.
The selected documentaries are the “Bains publics” of the Brussels director Kita Bouchet, Nos aubes perdues’ by director Eric d’agostino, and “Remember souvenir” of directors Nicolas Dedecker and Benoit Baudson. That last film is about the work of artist Denis Meyers in the vacant offices of the company Solvay. In “Totems et tabous’ by director Daniel Cattier finally, it wast a spirit around in the empty corridors of the africa museum in Tervuren, which is being renovated. That allows it to ask about the history of the colonization.
Eight of the ten projects are in the hands of producers from the Brussels capital Region.

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