Ruimterots get name for visit of probe

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BALTIMORE – A far ruimterots next year, visiting from earth, has been given a name. The rock 2014 MU69, beyond Pluto, is now called Ultima Thule. For the Greeks and Romans was Thule, a mythical island in the high north. Ultima Thule, which is ‘beyond Thule’ means, indicates that the probe is “beyond the limits of the known world”.

2014 MU69

Ultima Thule is billions of years ago formed during the time that our solar system was formed. The probe New Horizons should find out where the rock consists of. On January 1, 2019 is the probe up to a few thousand kilometers of Ultima Thule. Never is an object so far from earth, visited.

The New Horizons was launched in 2006 and flew in July 2015 along the dwarf planet Pluto. He is now with a speed of 1 million miles per day on the way to Ultima Thule. Around 2047 will be the New Horizons to the edge of our solar system to reach. It is not known whether he still works.

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