Ron Jans: ‘the Maradona of Asia could not bikes’

fde03833f0c0ceca5d84960946e11a24 - Ron Jans: 'the Maradona of Asia could not bikes'

Ron Jans thinks it’s wonderful that Fandi Ahmad is back in Groningen.

Ron Jans

“One day, I was reading in the newspaper that the ‘Maradona of Asia’ to us at FC Groningen would come,” recalls the technical manager as ex-team-mate. “He came to me in the street to live and then went on the bike to the training, but he could, of course, not bikes. Beautiful. After an adjustment period, it appeared that he very well could play football.”
Jans gives the sons of Fandi love the chance to show itself. “It is more of an introduction, but they can, hear. It is only really much fun that a piece of history, because that is Fandi, returned to Groningen. Never before has there been so much publicity around a training of the promises, and a youth contest.”

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