REACTIONS. Defeat, but also praise after death of Hawking: ‘Brilliant scientist, a true legend’

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World famous scientist Stephen Hawking’s death. Across the world there are reactions on his death. Reports reactions, but also a lot of praise.

As responded space agency NASA on the death with a movie. ‘His theories opened up a universe of possibilities that we have and explore the world”, sounds it in there.

“We are a kolosale thinker and an incredible spirit lost,” writes Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the worldwide web, on Twitter.

Scientific writer Geraldine DeRuiter put it so: “It is a miracle that we at the same time on the earth to spend time as Hawking.’

Also president of the European Council Donald Tusk responded:

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has a ‘brilliant scientist’.

And also the ceo of Microsoft said.

The American band Foo Fighters called Hawking a legend:

Many twitter users also point out that Hawking just dies on 14 march, the day on which Einstein was born.

Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson talks about an ‘intellectual vacuuum’ now Hawking there is no more:

‘Professor Hawking was a unique being, not only in Cambridge but all over the world with affection will be remembered’, responded to Stephen Toope, the vice-president of the university of Cambridge, where Stephen Hawking has studied and worked. “His exceptional contribution to the scientific knowledge and understand of science and mathematics are an indelible legacy.”

The British secretary of state Tobias Ellwood called Hawking an “inspiration to all”. ‘You embodied real courage over adversity, while the wonders of the universe to the world explained. Your accomplishments symbolize the strength of the human spirit. An inspiration for all of us, regardless of our situation, in order for the stars to reach, where you now upon us, it seems.’

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