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Queen Elizabeth earned less than prince Philip

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The British prince Philip has not always easy with his role in the shadow of Queen Elizabeth, as was again evident in the Netflix series ‘The crown’. But the actor, who him if jr. was paid more than the lead actress Claire Foy.

The producers of The crown, the historical fiction series on Netflix about the life of the British queen Elizabeth II, have admitted that the lead actress Claire Foy paid less for her work than her opponent, Matt Smith, that prince Philip played. However, his character is a far less discussed.

That Smith a higher amount on his loonbriefje had been standing, he owes his fame as Doctor Who, so said the producers during the Innovative TV Conference (INTV) in Jerusalem. But from season three ‘no-one gets paid more than the Queen, there were still stresses.

New queen

All that decision has little value for the 33-year-old Foy, last year a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the Queen. For the following seasons is the total cast, after all, replaced because the story is again a leap forward in time. Olivia Colman will play the role of Elizabeth to take over, Helena Bonham-Carter should be in the shoes of princess Margaret.

Variety wrote last summer that Foy Some 28,000 British pounds (about 30,000 euros) per episode, got paid, nothing, if you know that with a budget of five million pounds per episode , The crown of the most expensive Netflix series ever made should be called. It is not clear how much the salary of Smith is or was.

The story is reminiscent of the hoopla that arose when it became clear that actor Mark Wahlberg one and a half million dollars was paid for extra footage of the film All the money in the world, while tegenspeelster Michelle Williams is content to be had with less than a thousand dollars. Wahlberg decided afterwards to raise money to donate to Time’s Up.

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