Putin visits Crimea

7800d532e9097eca0b32a51f4c6f3819 - Putin visits Crimea

SEBASTOPOL – Russian president Vladimir Putin on Wednesday paid a visit to the Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula in march 2014 was annexed by Russia. Putin visited the bridge between the Crimea and the Russian mainland is built. The president said he hoped that the bridge next summer all ready, earlier than planned.

Putin visits probably also a manifestation in the city of Sebastopol to the annexation to commemorate. Sebastopol is already since year and day is an important home port of the Russian navy. The Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko called the trip of Putin as a “dangerous provocation”.

Russia choose next Sunday for a new president. Putin will almost certainly be re-elected. Then he starts his fourth term as president. He ruled all from 2000 to 2008, was then four years long premier and was back in 2012 president. With re-election he can until 2024 to resign.

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