’Put Europol on murder Slovak journalist

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STRASBOURG – To the mafia-like murder of the Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak to solve, the country should closely cooperate with Europol. It will also need to collaborate with research of the European antifraudeagentschap OLAF into possible abuse of EU subsidies.

Candles in memory of Jan Kuciak.

That call did the European Commission Wednesday. “An independent and thorough investigation is a top priority. Europol stands ready to help. We encourage the authorities there as soon as possible to make use of them”, said EU commissioner Julian King (Security) in the European Parliament. A parliament delegation that Slovakia last week visited makes similar recommendations.

Kuciak (27) did research on the links between Italian mafia and government, in which EU money has been abused. He was at the end of February together with his girlfriend, shot to death. There are seven Italians were arrested, but due to lack of evidence released.

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