PSV-analyst Wim Rip: ’Chance of survival was 3% to 5%’

f3cab111176750ac97d38fb73da52dcd - PSV-analyst Wim Rip: ’Chance of survival was 3% to 5%’

Wim Rip, the video analyst of the pitch, working hard on his recovery. The net 57-year-old Wageninger got in december during the uitduel with FC Groningen (3-3) to a cardiac arrest.

Wim Rip and PSV-captain Marco van Ginkel.

Thanks to skilled workers and the presence of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), the life of Rip saved. Together with PSV-captain Marco van Ginkel he installed thanks to an initiative of Philips and the Dutch heart foundation yesterday an AED in a veterinary clinic near his home.

World upside down

“Everyone in the Netherlands would use here must be able to make”, says Rip as a result of a launched crowdfunding action to get more AED’s, particularly in residential areas to install. “It saved my life. The doctors have me later told that the chance of survival of 3 to 5 percent. My world was upside down.”

Also Van Ginkel acknowledge that the situation of Rip a huge impact it has had on him and his teammates. Yesterday afternoon did the selection of PSV a two and a half hour course cpr and applying a AED. “Really great of those guys. As well as the reactions from the football world, from home and abroad, and heart-warming have been,” says Rip, who in June, as PSV will start the preparation for the new season to get started again hopes to be able in Eindhoven.

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