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POLL. ‘Red’ is the new mascot of the Red Devils’: are you a fan?

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‘Red’, that is the name of the new mascot of the Red Devils and all the national football teams. The mascot, created by Arnaud Hermant, was the Wednesday on the Brussels Muntplein proposed. It will be on the 27th of march, during the friendly party of the Devils against Saoeudi Arabia for the first time, his putting in an appearance.

Thanks to the cooperation of 1,500 supporters was ‘Red’ the past few days on the Muntplein installed in a giant egg. “Red must be the link between players and supporters, between all the Belgians”, explained Benjamin Goeders, marketing manager of the Belgian football association,. “It will be a happy and positive way the Devils everywhere guide.” ‘Red’ so follow in the footsteps of ‘Diabolix’, the unique mascot of the Devils during the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Arnaud Hermant, a 36-year-old graphic designer by profession and also for many years already, supporters of the Devil, showed that he is very proud that his design by the players and fans was chosen as the new mascot. “It is fantastic to be part of this incredible adventure,” says the Brussels. The design of Hermant was awarded in October last year, 46 percent of the 20.193 votes.

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