Olcay Gülşen has the difficult

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Olcay Gülşen struggles with the fashion world, the enterprise and her idealism. That she tells in an interview in Grazia magazine and she describes that in her book SuperOlcay that this week. And she has a piece of news: she comes with its own tv program.

Olcay Gülşen: ’in the Meantime I was to live, a smiling marionettenpop’

The hard side of the modeindustrie her, more and more are starting to resent it, describes the 37-year-old entrepreneur. “When you’re young, you only see the pomp and circumstance of it with all the beautiful clothing. But ultimately it is a tough world where money and success are the only matters that count. For me, there was only one sacred purpose and that was google android platform successfully. Everyone saw me as the celebrated woman, but I was to live. A smiling marionettenpop.”

A reason she is left as CEO in her brand Products. “Sometimes I am afraid that I my ambition is lost.” She gives no satisfaction to get more out of its commercial business. “Finding the balance between a successful business and idealism to me is really a struggle.” She needs to have meaningful things to do.

And with one of those meaningful things is she started: with her book SuperOlcay gives them a glimpse into her life and she wants young women who are successful in business want to do teaching that it is okay to you sometimes it’s not good to feel’.

And this autumn comes Olcay say probably with an own tv program and no, that is not about fashion or business, as its earlier program of Work to be done. “It will travel.”

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