Netflix paid ’Queen’ less than her husband

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When Netflix gets even the queen paid less than her husband. Producers of the popular series The Crown Tuesday admitted that actress Claire Foy, who is the British queen Elizabeth portrayed, less was paid than her opponent Matt Smith.

Foys salary is estimated at around $ 40,000 (more than 32,000 euros) per episode. Smith earned more because he was already known thanks to his role in Doctor Who, did the producers of The Crown during a panel about the series in Jerusalem. From the third season is the salary of the ’sovereign’ corrected. “From now on, no-one gets paid more than the Queen”, promised creative director Suzanne Mackie.

There has Foy, nothing more. They return not back as queen Elizabeth, because the series is a jump in time. From the third season creeps Olivia Colman in the skin of the British queen. Who her husband prince Philip are going to play, is not yet published.

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