NATO-countries pledge aid to London

853fe6b1e44bee5261fc3d5caf0c703d - NATO-countries pledge aid to London

LONDON/BRUSSELS – The NATO countries are right behind London after the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in Salisbury. They are very concerned about the first attack with nerve gas on NATO territory since the inception of the alliance in 1949, said the British prime minister Theresa May on Wednesday in the parliament. The NATO member states convene in Moscow on questions of the British government on the Russian programme for chemical weapons to answer.

NATO leader Jens).

The North Atlantic Council, the highest political organ of the military alliance, the call was made after being briefed by the British ambassador to NATO. “The allies are agreed that the attack clearly international standards and treaties are violated.”

They refer to a treaty from 1997, also signed by Russia, that the production and use of chemical weapons bans. According to the British, the Russians were behind the attack, with a developed nerve gas for military use. The NATO-body calls the Kremlin on clarification to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.

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