MTV supports Parkland-protest with tribute

09bf04b46932ede763fea2f6f8731c80 - MTV supports Parkland-protest with tribute

MTV halts Wednesday at 10.00 am (Us time) its regular programming 17 minutes. This supports the station a large group of American teenagers at the American wapenwetten. Students throughout the country to protest than to walk away from the class because, in their opinion, in the USA simple to to deadly weapons.

MTV honors with the seventeen-minute the seventeen victims who, on February 14, fell during a massacre in a school in Florida. It was the most deadly highschoolshooting in recent American history. The perpetrator was a nineteen-year-old boy that his semi-automatic rifle legally had bought.

The transmitter will also be on social media, attention to the initiative spend. MTV is on 24 march at the March for Our Lives, a large protest that victims and survivors of Parkland in Washington to organize. There are many hundreds of thousands of people expected. Numerous big stars, such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney and Justin Bieber, to support the action.

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