More than 600,000 viewers for Eva and Hillary

c1c3850b908b45d575258baebf8bbc78 - More than 600,000 viewers for Eva and Hillary

The special edition of Focal length+ is Tuesday night by more than 600,000 viewers watched. That it appears from the figures of foundation for sight examination. Eva home cooked apple pie interviewed Hillary Clinton on life after the lost presidency and the #MeToo-discussion. The conversation took a week ago, during International Women’s day.

Eva Home Cooked Apple Pie

It was not the only time that home cooked apple pie on tv. The 39-year-old presenter was earlier in the evening though a guest at De wereld Draait door, where they received congratulations was with her pregnancy and that she vooruitblikte on the broadcast of Focal point+. The program with presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk attracted 1.5 million viewers.

Home cooked apple pie, in The World is that they are especially not available to the public details wanted to share about her fresh pregnancy.

To the third broadcast of Ellie on patrol looked again more than a million people. In total saw 1.3 million viewers how police officer Ellie Lust this time in Albania helped in the fight against crime.

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