Miley Cyrus accused of plagiarism

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Miley Cyrus’ hit We Can’t Stop from 2013, is a copy of the Jamaican song We Run Things from the eighties. That claims at least the artist that the song has written.

Miley Cyrus

Michael May, who works under the stage name Flourgon, filed Tuesday in district court in New York an indictment in which he Miley formally accused of plagiarism. He mentions that, among others, similarities in the lyrics of the two songs. In his own song is the lyrics ’We run things. Things no run we’, on the single of Miley she sings, “We run things”. Things don’t run we.’ Also the music would be too many similarities.

The Jamaican artist requires a legal confirmation that the copyright has been affected and wants, in addition, an unknown amount of compensation. Both Miley if her record company, who is also indicted, wanted, according to The Wrap Tuesday did not respond to the allegations.

Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

Flourgon – We Run Things

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